Local Spotlight: Under a Fey Moon

Originally Published for The Nerd is the Word.ca on May 8 2016

Christine Doyle of Under a Fey Moon is an Ottawa-based handmade seller who crochets adorable nerdy creations. We at The Nerd is the Word came upon her unique talent at the Ottawa Geek Market and just had to approach her for an interview.

Hello Christine! My name is Elyse Turcotte of The Nerd is the Word and I am absolutely charmed by your work. When and how did you learn crochet?
My grandmother is an avid crocheter, and she learned from my mom, so I had the best teachers as a kid. But as happens when we’re kids, adult things become boring and I set it aside and I forgot every single stitch technique, until about 10 years ago. At that time I was inspired by blogs and friends in forums posting their work, and YouTube reminded me what I was missing. Thank you technology!
At what point did you develop an interest in opening a business? Tell us the story behind Under a Fey Moon!
I’m sure many home businesses have a similar story. I started making stuff I enjoyed, and at that time it was all about babies. I had little ones of my own, as did friends. I started to get requests for items, which grew into making similar items for friends of friends, and eventually strangers. As time went on, however, my babies grew, and I discovered more and more geeky projects that could be done with crochet and knitting. Since I’ve always been a bit of a nerd (ok, maybe a lot of a nerd), this was like a homecoming to me. I could create things I really loved, and would keep around in my own home if I wanted. Which is why I always have to make multiples (and sometimes even more multiples!) of everything.
How do you juggle craft fairs, your Etsy shop, and personal life? Have you run into any difficulties?
I had been a stay at home mom for nearly 6 years, so it was easy for a while. I recently decided to go back to work full time which has really cut into my crafting time. Fortunately days off and Netflix binge watching keep me on the straight and narrow for crafting. I’m pretty fortunate to have a very supportive family who have no problem helping out around the home and taking care of all of us. Markets are fairly recent for me, and I’m finding I love doing them. I’ll definitely be making more time for them in the future.
You make adorable hats and dolls! How do you pick which character or fandom to portray?
I mostly create things from my favourite fandoms, and expand out from there. I occasionally get requests for others I hadn’t thought of, or I’ll see a meme or something that sparks an idea, and go from there.
What is your favorite Nerdom, and why?
My immediate response would be what ever it is I’m caught up in at the moment (preparation for Geek Market for example was all 11 seasons of Supernatural). But honestly I would have to say Star Trek. I was at exactly the right age to watch The Next Generation when it was aired, and even got to see Generations at an advanced screening. That was my first introduction to cosplayers and it opened up a whole new world for me. Add to that the technology that Star Trek has inspired as well as the world view Gene Roddenberry promoted, it will likely always be my favourite.
What is your favorite item you ever crocheted?
My favourite item is probably Spock. He’s my favourite nerd, ever, not only in Star Trek but Leonard Nimoy himself was an amazing person. Crafting one now is not only a bittersweet project, but it reminds me of an ideal I like to aim for.
What are you working on next? Can we get a sneak preview as to the next crochet items we should see in your shop?
I’m working on a few more super heroes, DC being the first to be done. I want to get Flash and Superman up there, and then move on to Marvel. I’d like to do a few more clothing items, such as the Doctor’s scarves, Warcraft tabards, etc. These are huge projects though, so it may take a bit of time.
Do you enjoy the Ottawa Geek Market? What does the fair mean for Under a Fey Moon?
I had a BLAST at Geek Market. I think I enjoyed myself more than the patrons did. It was so cool to see the amazing creations from the other vendors (as my pocket book can attest), as well as the fantastic cosplays. I love that geeks can get together and be so very welcoming to everyone, regardless of their passions. I can’t wait to do this event again. It was some very cool exposure for Under A Fey Moon as well; it was fun seeing people’s reactions to the work I presented.
Are you planning to participate in any other craft or geeky fair in the near future?
Next up is Creative Ottawa Nerds on June 11. I’ll be working then again to stock up for Geek Market in October, followed by St. Anne’s School Bazaar in November. I’ll be posting event pages on my Facebook page to keep folks updated.
We here at The Nerd is the Word were delighted to meet an artist such as Christine of Under a Fey Moon. Her unique talent for bringing out the cute side of nerdiness is something we highly recommend seeing.
Be sure to check out her links below!
Under a Fey Moon on Facebook!
Christine also sells her item on Etsy!
Find more pictures on Instagram!
Image CC0 Public Domain; xxolgaxx, https://pixabay.com/en/users/xxolgaxx-742787/

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