The Mysteries Behind the Mysterious Noise

Originally published on TheNerdistheWord November 2016

On the ocean floor in the Fury and Hecla Strait, a narrow water channel in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut, Canada, a suspicious noise is being heard. Some have described it as a beeping, others as a hum. In a major hunting area, it seems to be affecting marine wildlife, making whales divert their course in an abnormal way.  Residents in the area have been discussing this strange phenomenon since last summer, but experts are still unsure what could be causing it.

Theories have been suggested: a mining expedition, submarines, a seafloor mapping survey or environmental activists are suspected. The military has been alerted to the weird sound, and an investigation is underway, promising to provide a logical explanation soon. Us Nerds however, prone to wider imaginations, have our own ideas as to what is going on in Northern Canada.

Why not let us dream a little?


Super Villain Lair

If you had the ambition to conquer the world, and wanted to avoid detection while you schemed your subversions, where would you hide your secret headquarters of evil? So many Super Villains have gotten it all wrong! Living inside a volcano is not plausible, underground facilities are dangerous, and space stations nowadays are too easy to detect. The bottom of the frozen Canadian Arctic waters might come to mind as something difficult, but truly ideal.

Perhaps a conglomerate of super villains has developed some sort of underground Atlantis for their questionable scientific interests. Is the mysterious sound simply one of their power generators or evil machine started making too much noise? Or is the sound the effect of a secret weapon?
Thankfully, the Canadian military obviously has a few super heroes that can take care of the problem.


Crashed Alien Ship

There are a handful of UFO sightings each year in North America. If aliens are truly visiting our planet, it is uncertain how they view this kind of attention. To avoid being spotted, wouldn’t it be logical to keep to the cold and less populated Arctic? What is an accident occurred, and their craft ended up on a cold ocean floor? If aliens really are among us, they have managed to avoid leaving clear evidence of their presence. Our only hope to detect them (unless world governments haven’t already secretly discovered and studied our outer space visitors) depends on these advanced beings to make a mistake. Could this strange noise be a distress signal perhaps surviving aliens are desperately sending out to space? Are we looking at a Canadian version of the Roswell cover-up?


Something Older…

You probably know Cthulhu without having read the H.P Lovecraft short story behind it; this image of the gigantic and ancient cosmic entity, emerging from the unfathomable depths of the ocean and slowly advancing towards our defenseless civilization, is ever present in nerdy media these days. According to the original story, the Great Old One, dormant in the only part of the earth we still have not fully explored, is to blame for much of humanity’s subconscious anxiety and fear of the unknown. Cultists eagerly await the return of Cthulhu- what this means for us humans, is mainly uncertain. Lovecraft’s story envisions that images of Cthulhu would have been present in some spiritual practices of early northern aboriginal cultures.
Could Cthulhu actually lay dormant in Canada’s arctic waters?  Would the strange noise being reported be a sign that the Great Old One has awakened?

Investigations as to what the strange signal is are underway and military surveillance should be on-going. Residents of the area continue to hear it, and the environment surrounding it seems to be annoyed by it. So far, the military doesn’t seem to have detected much. At least, that’s what has been reported. Is the source of the noise trying to avoid serious scrutiny? Or are we just not being told the whole story yet? One thing is for sure, if this mysterious noise is caused by anything as cool as our fantastical theories, we might not hear about it for a while…



News, CBC. “Military Plane Investigates Mystery ‘ping’ near Igloolik.” CBCnews. CBC/Radio Canada, 04 Nov. 2016. Web. Nov. 2016. URL:

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