The Paranormal Show: Wunderkammer in Ottawa!

Originally published on TheNerdistheWord October 2016

The Paranormal Show is a brilliant presentation by Scott McClelland, claiming the descendant of a famous and classic freak show director. By setting an atmosphere of mystery, with a 17th century beautiful yet eerie feel, he takes you on a journey, where seeing… isn’t exactly believing. Put yourself in the Halloween spirit this weekend!

The Paranormal Show is on for 2 more evenings in Ottawa at the Art Courts Theatre, Friday October 28th and Saturday October 29th!

Check out The Paranormal Show’s website! Tickets are available on the Arts Court Theatre website.

This one-man show, performed by a local to our general corner of Ontario, was truly worth battling the elements for, on the first storm of the season. As the winds and snow raged on outside, the shadowy world of the unexplained came to life within the dainty and intimate theatre.

As a Parapsychologist, McClelland’s persona known as Vladimir Eisengrimm, turns the world upside down, where ‘science’ as we know, it the questionable domain, and supernatural events are the norm. With a great deal of audience engagement, he demonstrates that the power of the mind is more effective than we realize. The impressive feats performed match splendidly told tales of the bizarre, all tied together by an imposing and masterful character, who is both creepy and hilarious. Accurate historical knowledge is presented, making the events that unfold before the audience all the more believable, and appealing easily to those who already adore paranormal tales.

As the show unfolds, the Wunderkammer, the Cabinet of Wonders, a strange collection of objects related to paranormal phenomenon is explored. We don’t want to spoil anything, but Eisengrimm’s specialties include areas such as the power of suggestion, mind reading, lie detection, illusions, prediction and telekinesis. The finale, a séance to contact the dead, will send shivers down your spine.

The Paranormal Show has had an remarkable track record, having been featured and documented on television on numerous occasions. We at The Nerd is the Word dare you to come out this weekend and explore the uncanny, the inexplicable, the paranormal.

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